Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai gloves have a special cut.

In Thai boxing, kicking is much more common than in K1 or kick boxing, because boxing strokes are not rated as high in Muay Thai. Competitors must use many powerful kick techniques during a fight. The Muay Thai gloves were adapted to this requirement and have a side padding, which protects the edge of the hand better against Muay Thai kicks. When buying, make sure that the gloves have such a padding. Even in training it is an advantage if you have an extra padding to block kicks with.

Which boxing gloves from Thailand are the right ones?

For higher demands on Muay Thai boxing gloves, higher quality models should be used. YOu should choose glove models made of leather or premium synthetic leather. If you want to buy gloves for Muay Thai, then brands from Thailand are the right choice. They have been absolute professionals for decades and offer hardly reached quality. The Muay Thai gloves from Thailand are made of very stable leather and with high quality threads. These ensure an incomparable durability. At we recommend boxing gloves from Fairtex, Top King, Booster and Twins. These are manufactured in Thailand and therefore have to survive in the tough domestic market.

Twins gloves

Twins is one of the living legends of sport. Since the rise of modern Muay Thai, Twins has been rooted in this business. From our experience on site, we know that Twins' quality standards are met, you can hardly find them anywhere else. It is therefore not uncommon to meet Thai boxers who swear by this brand. The company's deep dedication to its own products has a positive effect on customer trust. The Twins BGVL-3 is the most commonly worn Muay Thai glove in the world. This glove is so popular that there are delivery difficulties at regular intervals.

The production of high-quality Muay Thai gloves is a craft that only a few can master in perfect perfection. The difference to the cheap standard glove is made of high quality materials and the best workmanship. Many boxing gloves are made with too thin leather, which tears after a short time. The seams are processed with threads that are too weak and these give way quickly to the hard blows.

Twins Thaiboxing gloves remain loyal to their owner for several years, even with intensive use. The price for such a pair of gloves is higher than for cheap gloves. With the multiple lifespan, in the end it is even cheaper than a cheap glove.

If you are looking for Twins boxing gloves, you cannot avoid the BGVL-3.

Fairtex boxing gloves - highest quality without leather

Fairtex gloves easily adapt to your hand and are the perfect workhorses. Fairtex is one of the first internationally recognised brand out of Thailand. The Brand was founded by Owner P Mr. Philip Wong in 1971.

Fairtex Gloves are smaller than other brands. Keep that in mind if you want to buy gloves for sparring. Fairtex have a wide range of gloves without leather on the market. They are made out of high quality semi-leathers and way better than most casual non-leather muay thai gloves.

TOP KING boxing gloves - train in style

Top King has many fancy designs. They range from snake skin to the colors of the rainbow. So if you are looking for fancy boxing gloves, you should take a closer look at Top King. In addition to the diverse designs, Top King always offers modern technologies such as locking systems or upholstery. This makes Top King one of the most important brands in Thai boxing and our customers are enthusiastic about these gloves.


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