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Trainer Belly Pads & Belts

Elion Belly Protector, black
This eye-catching belt from the renowned Thai manufacturer is suitable for all trainers who are looking for high-quality equipment. Belt made of matt black Skintex leather, known for its strength and shape. The very dense and thick inner foams offer incomparable protection. The ideal equipment for repeated intensive training. • Maximum height: 36 cm • Curved protective width: 70 cm • Suitable for a maximum hip circumference of: 135 cm

adidas Super Body Protector, black-gold
This adidas Super Body Protector protects your body perfectly in front and on the sides - a perfect tool for the trainer! The protector is 10 cm thick. The upholstery in the body protection is of high quality and reduces impact and kick to a minimum. Despite the thick protection, the protector is very light. The body protection Super Body Protector is made of PU3G, this material is extremely robust and durable. This adidas Super Body Protector has been tested and thus meets all European safety requirements.

Booster Bauchgürtel, BP3, black-white
The Booster Fight Gear ‘six pack’ belly pad is made to handle the world-class punishment that Top fighters dish out. It comes with a Velcro waist closure at the back; this allows for quick transitions from one training scenarios to the next; it also ensure an easy, secure fit. The Belly Pad is ideal for training push kicks, knee strikes, and overall clinch training; it can be used in combination with punching mitts and kicking pads. Made from skintex & high density padding. Handmade in Thailand Reinforced front with padded six pack Side targets Thick velcro strap Made out of skintex

8 WEAPONS Bauchgürtel, BIG 8, black
8 WEAPONS BIG 8 belly pad for partner training. A belly pad enables a varied workout, in which punches and kicks to the body can be trained. The 8 WEAPONS belly pad is attached with a Velcro fastener and sits firmly in place during training. The Velcro fastener is applied to the entire surface of the loop, which has the advantage that the abdominal protector fits almost all body types. The belt is quickly put on or taken off with the Velcro. Our belly pad is made of high quality cowhide leather and is perfect for the purpose, as it is a thick and stable leather. The padding is tight and prevents punches or kicks from penetrating the body. Nothing stands in the way of long and intensive training. The sides of the pad are equipped with white target areas and extra padding. Bodyshots can be trained realistically and precisely. The front is printed with our well-known BIG 8. A small woven label is also sewn on. Small 8 WEAPONS logos are applied to the side surfaces. The belt is the perfect complement for partner training in Thai boxing, kick boxing or MMA.

TWINS Special Belly Protector, BP 2, black, L
High-quality belly protection for technique training in martial arts. First-class workmanship and the use of high-quality synthetic leather guarantee high quality. The belt can be quickly put on with the Velcro fastener. Material: Skintex

TOP KING BOXING Belly Protector, TKBPUV, Ultimate, black
TOP KING is a very strong and fast growing Thai brand with exceptional designs Great Belly Protector with extra thick padding for better protection Cowhide leather Handmade in Thailand TOP KING is a former sub company of the TWINS Muay Thai imperium. With a mixture of fresh new concepts and designs TOP KING made it to an own brand in no time. Now TOP KING is raising the bar for new products like boxing gloves, TOP KING shin guards or Muay Thai Shorts. TOP KING delivers a wide range of colors for their products which can be found nowhere else in the market.

THAISMAI Belly Protector, black-white
The Belly Protector from THAISMAI is the optimal complement to the Thai Pads, so that hard knee strikes can be trained in combination with kick strikes.. The construction is sturdy yet lightweight. The workmanship is very high quality and made with cowhide leather. The belt cansich thanks to a wide Velcro fastener very quickly and easily mounted. The hit points are reinforced padded to ensure the best possible protection. In very many Thai professional camps THAISMAI is very strongly represented. Especially thanks to the excellent price / performance ratio, the brand is popular on the Thai market äußerst. The opinion of Thai professional camps is to judge the quality of a brand in principle the best reference, especially since there is hardly any other place where martial arts products are exposed to such a high continuous load. Design: black and white Material: cowhide